Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Love it when a plan comes together!

Our neighbouring cows and countryside ...
We've had a huge day here. I rang a local paediatric dental clinic this morning at 9am and was able to secure an appointment for Vaughan at 10:30am. Everything went a bit crazy after that.

Vaughan is booked for day surgery tomorrow. There was a small mountain of paperwork involved in securing his admission. Not to mention some intricate juggling of finances..

At some time amid the afternoon madness, Nick rang to check whether any verdict had been reached regarding our rental application - and was advised we were successful!

As welcome as this news was, it necessitated more calculations and financial wizardry. Given Vaughan's procedure, we have organised to sign all the lease documents on Wednesday morning (rather than tomorrow as the agent suggested). For obvious reasons, we've been a bit (or a lot) preoccupied today but I'm sure a more suitable level of excitement will kick in soon.

Our tenancy will commence later in February so we have a few more weeks of serviced apartment living - and dining out. I think we are all keen to move on though. The house is three bedrooms on 5 acres. There are several existing fruit trees on the property, including a fig "bush". (I've been researching fig jam recipes in preparation. I'm good, just ask me)!

There is talk of chookies - and bees. Vaughan has plans of stalking our resident rabbits as a catch and release exercise. Nick is more keen to emulate Elmer Fudd (the cartoon character, not our truck)!

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